Nicki Wells wishes everyone “A Little Christmas Of My Own”

Is there a more magical time than Christmas? It’s certainly the truth for many, but for some it’s a reminder of everything that they don’t have – a family to go home to or people to spend that special day with. It’s not helpful to always hear happy-clappy songs in the stores and coffee shops either, so it’s practically a public service that UK-based artist Nicki Wells has written this song that highlights the other side of the story.

“It’s a bittersweet song about Christmas because for some, it can be a lonely time, not everyone has a family to go to. But by the end there is a sweet acceptance of a quiet and calm Christmas,” says Nicki Wells of “A Little Christmas Of My Own”.

Bittersweet is the perfect word for this song. It’s delicately held together with piano notes that linger on the chilling air of a Christmas morning. Nicki’s voice is the visible breath that warms our hearts with her deep contralto tones. “A Little Christmas Of My Own” a nostalgic and wistful ode to the day spent in one’s own company.

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