Classic Rockers IKONIK Return With New Single ‘Out Of Line’

Following the release of their debut ‘Believe’, IKONIK once again flex their tight classic rock sound on the fiery new release ‘Out Of Line’.

Vibrant and emotive, ‘Out Of Line’ captures a fiery sense of discontent and anger both musically and lyrically as the band tread through the breakdown in a relationship. Described by the band themselves as being about: “The courage to walk away from people and situations that don’t serve you anymore”, the track centres around the biting, pointed lead vocal with stinging lines which sound like they were born out of a volatile falling out.

Musically, the tracks thick distorted guitars and punching rhythm section drive the track forward with an infectious energy, capturing an essence of the energetic live shows that the band have previously become known for.

An exciting display of the bands prowess as performers and their ability as songwriters, ‘Out OF Line’ is out now.

Listen below:


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