Listen to Sam Himself and his genius track “Mr. Rocknroll”

We all know the genius that is Sam Himself by now. Following the industry’s most consistent set of releases ahead of his sophomore album, Sam Himself serves “Mr. Rocknroll” on a silver platter, ready for full consumption and decked with a statement of a music video. 

The track is a play on rock’n’roll clichés, a clever mockery of the conventions. In the video, Sam plays around in an empty café and puts on a convoluted show of movement and routines, standing on tables and ultimately engaging with his own reflection in the mirror. It is admirable how entertaining and magnetic the visuals are despite the setting remaining unchanged throughout the entirety of the track. When it comes to Sam Himself, there’s a fineline between magician and performer.  

As if all of this weren’t enough, Sam surprises fans with a groovy collaboration with fashion brand YVY on a line of sustainable manufactured leather pants, as seen on the “Mr. Rocknroll” artwork. If Sam Himself isn’t a well-rounded artist, I don’t know who is!

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