Dom Malin and Luna Keller Release Beautiful, Indie-Folk Single ‘Overgrown’!

Dom Malin is rapidly becoming emblematic of the indie-folk genre, and with his latest single ‘Overgrown’, I’m not scratching my head as to why.

Upon his introduction to electric guitar, at the age of twelve, a coruscating love of music rooted within Dom Malin’s heart and has since bloomed into a floriated swash of success!

From the release of his debut single ‘Hold on Me’ In 2020, Dom Malin has proven to exhibit an indubitable talent that was bound to be noticed. Of course, it wasn’t too long before bloggers delved into his virtuosic ventures. This then led to several appearances on BBC Introducing Lincolnshire where his music was featured as ‘Song of the Week’ on multiple occasions!

That brings us to now.

2022 has been a year of accomplishments for Dom Malin – having released a fusillade of singles that perfectly encapsulate a pensive prism of honest emotion. Amongst them, Malin’s listeners are beguiled into a snuggery of lambent melodies and auroral vocals. When it comes to ‘Overgrown’, you can expect nothing less!

Eliciting the angelic vocal talent of singer/songwriter, Luna Keller, ‘Overgrown’ opens with the balletic harmonies that adorn Keller and Malin’s mellifluent union. For those who are unfamiliar with Luna Keller, her immeasurable talent is rooted in her journey from Germany to Spain when she was only little. Music being a constant source of inspiration for the songstress, she transformed her passion into an ardent pursuit; one that has led to a plethora of gorgeous singles and two wondrous EPs. Thankfully for us, her journey has also led her to this collaboration with Dom Malin.

Together they create a golden gyre of bijou timbres and candle-soft melodies that elevates the melancholic heartbeat of ‘Overgrown’.

Awash with a delicate pizzicato, the guitar imprints a starry-eyed twinkle into the instrumentation, evoking a gorgeous glow. As the song progresses, you can hear slivers of viola that adds a slight recherché texture; alluding to the bittersweet uncertainty you feel when you are consumed by an all-consuming longing.

‘Missing you is all I know // I can’t forget or let you go // Missing you is all I know // A place we called our home.’

When you hear Luna Keller and Dom Malin sing those lyrics – speechless! The first word that came to mind was ineffable. You feel as if you were the one experiencing such morose heartbreak, but it can’t be said enough: the duo makes heartbreak sound so good.

Towards the end of the track, the melody swells into new life like a paracosm reignited! The loud-quiet dynamics feel as if they are from the pages of a fairytale and – with a rippling diminuendo – the listener is ebbed out towards a poignant, but beautiful, horizon.

‘Overgrown’ is available to listen to right now and if you listen to nothing else through the chilly, winter months, I strongly recommend you listen to the soothing warmth of Dom Malin’s latest release!


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