Five For Friday – 18th November 2022

Jo Sarah – ‘The Call’

With a sound that looks to blend a broad multitude of genres under one roof, Amsterdam-based artist and producer Jo Sarah is bringing back more of that diverse vision with her newest single ‘The Call’. With its fresh and inventive aesthetic, matched perfectly against her own vibrant vocal style, she is continuing her rise as one of the more exciting names doing the rounds.


Jenny Alien – ‘Heart Attack’

After the rousing reception to her stunning debut album ‘Scumbag Rock$tar’, New York-based artist and producer Jenny Alien is looking to come back with a bang on her latest gem ‘Heart Attack’. With its fresh and inventive sound, all wrapped up in her wonderfully distinctive guise, she is cementing herself as one of the more unique names on the scene today.


Junior Bones – ‘Dust’

Following up a flurry of fresh and alluring releases this past year, emerging outfit Junior Bones are back to their vibrant ways once again on the shimmering new single ‘Dust’. Offering up more of that warm and sweeping indie-rock direction they are known for, their newest delight makes for a brilliantly warm and enticing listen from start to finish.


Jupiter Grey – ‘Sanctuary Of Silence’

After building a reputation for bold and adventurous releases this past year, fast-rising artist Jupiter Grey has now released his eagerly-awaited debut album ‘Fires On The Moon’, showcased by his latest effort ‘Sanctuary Of Silence’. With its warm and inviting atmosphere, layered with his own distinctly sultry vocals, this new gem is another bold step forward within his musical evolution.


HEBE – ‘Drink On My Own’

Having already delighted us with a fresh and inventive array of releases over the years, singer-songwriter HEBE is now previewing her upcoming album ‘Release Resolution’ with the sweeping new single ‘Drink On My Own’. With its warm and tender tones, illustrated by her own compelling voice, this new one will wash over you and leave you feeling renewed throughout.

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