Axe & The Ivory Release New Single: You Need Only ‘Find It’!

Hailing from the verdant scenery of Adelaide, indie-folk quartet, Axe & The Ivory release their latest single ‘Find It’ today!

This synergistic ensemble stems from the bond between best friends: Rosie Roberts, Ben Lovell, James Lovell, and Paul Cooper. Influenced by immensely talented bands like The Paper Kites and Daughter, this virtuosic group is the most emotive, hidden gem that Australia has to offer! Axe & The Ivory are a gorgeous warren of golden guitar/banjo melodies, petal-soft piano, and gingery drums.

Celebrating the end of their Australian tour at The Barn at Wombat Flat venue, come December 3rd, I thought there was no better time to take a peek into what you should expect from an Axe & The Ivory show.

Jumping straight into the mellifluent melody, ‘Find It’ introduces us to a stellified rivulet of silken piano. Echoing the poignant, adagio fluidity of Chord Overstreet’s ‘Hold On’, Roberts’ vocals blushes incarnadine atop the instrumentation. If the piano is the root of the track, Roberts’ vocal delivery is the mesmerising bloom.

As the track balletically progresses, you feel a swelling sense of elation as the rhythm becomes more and more ebullient, rising to a breath-taking cadence. This is when the ember-spritzed crescendo ignites and the chorus soars, leaving a trail of sparks in its wake. James Lovell’s drums provide a leonine heartbeat, embellishing the coquetry of harmonies between Rosie Roberts and Ben Lovell’s vocals.

When the pair sing together, it’s like old lovers giving one last show of bittersweet passion:

‘This is going to hurt like Hell // Knowing who we really are // I’m circling like a seagull round the driveaway and your dad’s parked car.’

The heart-wrenching acceptance of a love on it’s last legs is immensely powerful; you feel like you watching someone preparing to say goodbye. All the while, the desperate tonality unfolds as Roberts’ impels a mood of frustration in the rumbles of her voice, parallel to the murmurous countdown of Paul Cooper’s strings.

Ornamented with the vim of the guitar, when every element unites, it is like you are watching a firework display and you are enveloped in a paracosm of gorgeous timbres. There is a youthful vigour to the track that is truly indie-folk at its best and I can’t get enough!

Ending with the angelic piano that started it all, ‘Find It’ leaves the listener speechless with a sad-happy diminuendo and a rollercoaster of catharsis.

‘Find It’ releases today, November 18th, and I can’t recommend listening to this single enough!

Till next time.


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