Ishani: Get drunk on this artist’s “Powertripp”

It’s real easy to get intoxicated on the brewed effervescence of this stand-out indie single, “Powertripp”, performed ineffably by the singer, songwriter and producer: Ishani. This London-based artist has had quite the journey – from releasing her debut single back in 2017 to performing at some of Europe’s largest music and cultural festivals. She has a passion that will leave no door unopened!

“Powertripp” encompasses the poignant concept of keeping an unwise relationship alive that ought to have ended. Through the music video, it has this visual charm of an avant-garde performance piece that flicks between metaphorical struggles with masked strangers and the more realistic relationship conflicts.

The beautifully morose notion of toxic romances is essentially the epitome of the indie genre, however Ishani delivers such an emotional impact that every note revitalises this idea effortlessly. It’s such a powerful self-portrait to relay to the listener who has likely experienced the dark lull of a relationship that has a negative impact overall. We experience her moments of strength in freeing herself from this relationship, but we also see her vulnerabilities as she finds herself back in the lure of this person.

We would happily listen to an Ishani album of this calibre, although for now we’re very satisfied with repeat listening of “Powertripp”.

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