Litvar release phenomenal new single “You Should Find A New Boyfriend”

Small town Connecticut indie trio Litvar are promising big things in preparation for the release of their sophomore album in the coming year. They have just released explosive new single ‘You Should Find A New Boyfriend’ and are already sending listeners on a vibrant sonic journey with exceptional surprises. 

Initially, the track appears playful as it showcases a lively choreography of lighthearted bell-like pad motifs. Singer Rex Thurstan’s vocals match the mood with a light tone, resulting in a greatly pleasant incipit. 

Undoubtedly, the hidden gem of this track lies at the 1:36 minute mark, where the elements flip into a wondrous eruption of sound and emotion. Litvar play on dynamics to evoke shock and delight. The musical take-off illustrates a rebellion, a desperate need for escape. In response, the vocal tone becomes enveloping and warm, and later lightens back up in the third section, where ‘You Should Find A New Boyfriend’ truly becomes an anthem you will not be able to stop reciting.

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