Betty Reed: Emerging From The ‘Shallow End’ With New Single!

Nashville prodigy: Betty Reed is back with her effortlessly ardent sound, setting the indie-pop skies alight with her unabashed aurora-like vocals.

The billboard-charting artist has spent the last few years making a name for herself; a chameleon amongst genres, Reed has concocted quite the catalogue of alternative earworms and her new single ‘Shallow End’ is the latest jewel to perch atop her crown.

Following the release of grit-grunge track ‘Without You’, ‘Shallow End’ pursues the triumphant tonality of its predecessor, tackling themes of overcoming depression and getting back on your feet.

‘And I’m aware it makes no sense // I’m drowning in the shallow end // Can barely breathe // I don’t know when // I’ll either die or stand again.’

Delivered with an affluence of aureate timbres, when Betty Reed vocalises her choice between giving up or rising up, you believe – with every emotive note – she will rise victorious. Likening to the aggrandised vocals of Demi Lovato, Betty Reed crafts the perfect coquetry between vigour and soul-stirring vulnerability within her vocal performance.

Now that you are enveloped in the gorgeous eloquence of Reed’s vocals, the instrumental harmonies further lead you into a elusive dreamscape of incandescence. Coy at first, the harmonies between the instrumentation and the backing vocals lure the lustrous, lulling melody towards an eruptive arpeggio.

Acting as the emergence of the choruses, the arpeggios in this track mirror the blossoming strength of Reed, each one more vivified than the last! You can almost hear her resurface, standing tall and proud, towards the conclusive chorus of the single.

It would simply be outrageous of me to not also mention the guitar progressions within the bridge. A swelling cacophony of tempestuous, electric guitar was a genius choice by Betty Reed; encapsulating perfectly, the depth of the poignant rhythm, as well as the rip-roaring hopefulness that permeates throughout the single.

Ending with a shimmering diminuendo, ‘Shallow End’ leaves you with a twinkling vestige of optimism that inspires the realisation of your own inner strength. This song needs to be heard by all of us who feel wracked with despair, it is a mellifluent reminder that we have the strength to get back on our feet, even when we feel as though we can’t.

Betty Reed reveals ‘Shallow End’ today! This latest gem accompanies previous 2022 releases: mesmerising single ‘Without You’ and the beautiful acoustic version of EP ‘Mistakes Made, Lessons Learned’.

With the year coming to a chilly close, Betty Reed has me questioning: what brilliant endeavour is next?

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