Five For Friday – 21st October 2022

Ed Staal – ‘That Girl’

After delivering his much-loved offerings ‘Baby Blue’ and ‘Why’ in recent months, Hertfordshire-based artist Ed Staal is back once again with his enigmatic new delight ‘That Girl’. Lifted from his forthcoming new EP ‘Battle Scars & Broken Hearts’, this bright and bubbling new effort is another fine example of his captivating sound to date.


Austin Fox 狐 – ‘relatives’ ft. Tony Bontana

After building his bold and dynamic direction with a flurry of enticing releases these last few months, Virginia-based rapper Austin Fox 狐 is now looking to showcase his latest album ‘SCORIAN VALLEY’ with the shimmering new single ‘relatives’. Teaming up with Tony Bontana for the release, the pair knock out a bold and atmospheric slice of hip-hop-inspired gold.


Venus Dragon – ‘You’

Following on from a fresh and euphoric array of gems over the last few years, emerging artist Venus Dragon returns to her glittering ways on the bouncing new single ‘You’. Capturing more of that rich and vibrant pop-rock direction she is known for, she is once again cementing herself as one of the more alluring names on the rise right now.


Bryony Matthews – ‘Thinking Of You’

With her recently shared offerings ‘Yellow Flowers’ and ‘Here We Are’ establishing her as a rich and progressive artist on the rise, New Zealand-based singer-songwriter Bryony Matthews continues her current form with the alluring new single ‘Thinking Of You’. With her warm and passionate voice layered throughout, she has returned with a truly mesmerising pop-rock delight.


objectsnwo x xcaliber – ‘HOMESICK’

Having previously worked together across a number of releases these last few years, Irish rappers objectsnwo and xcaliber now join forces for the bold and driven new offering ‘HOMESICK’. Channelling more of that broad and atmospheric hip-hop direction they are known for, their newest gem makes for a powerful and anthemic listen throughout.

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