The Midnight Foxes: Parting the Grey Clouds with New Single ‘Running In The Rain’!

Two Englishmen, two Welshman and one Belarusian walk into a bar…to answer a beckoning from Alexander’s Live in Chester, a call to deliver a performance like no other. Squeezing in one practice before the pandemic brought a wave of stagnancy over the world, little did The Midnight Foxes know that it would be seventeen months before they could meet for another round of rehearsals.

Resilient and resourceful, the plethora of lockdowns did not stop the lads from crafting original music; finally having their patience and determination rewarded with the release of their debut single ‘Smoke From The Embers’ earlier this year in June.

Steadily trickling new indie-rock belters down the grapevine, The Midnight Foxes are here to shake the spooky month to its core with their ghoul-galvanising single ‘Running In The Rain’!

Introducing the track with an epic brontide of angular-harmonised pulses of electric guitar, a raucous rainstorm effect foreshadows the thunderous melodies on the horizon. Through the clearing of the clouds, a razor-sharp rhythm acts as the puppeteer of this effervescent single. The track is brought to life by the blistering bite of ablaze drumming and its allegretto-adorned arpeggios!

Soaring through the flames like a bat out of Hell, the instrumentation reaches an abrupt crescendo, paving the trail for the crown jewel of the single: the vocal performance. Seamlessly teasing the corrosive car-chase of overlapping dynamics, hints of timeless rock-rasp is sprinkled across the vocal delivery, and it is incendiary!

‘Pushing forwards I’m alone / These secret demons I conceal.’

To match the battle-ready composition, the lyrics imprint a certain poetic imagery of a lone warrior, fighting one last epic battle in Valhalla – with the aid of that lightning-wielding instrumentation. Simply, every single element of this track marries together mellifluously to create a cinematic synergy of god-defeating proportions!

When The Midnight Foxes aren’t crushing the indie-rock scene, they are bringing the bangers to our stages across the UK whilst on their unparalleled tour!

Alas, although their tour – of which has been breathing new life into the UK since late June of 2021 – is coming to a close, fear not! With their next show just over two weeks away in Buckley, the band are gracing their fans with a smattering of shows till the 11th of May 2023. Concluding right where it began, the boys will round off their tour at Alexander’s Live in Chester…need I say any more?

‘Running In The Rain’ is available to listen to today!


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