West Midlands Alternative Rockers Conflict Choir Deliver Explosive Yet Thoughtful New Single ‘Don’t Let Me Drown’

West Midlands alternative rockers Conflict Choir deliver the infectious, explosive yet thoughtful new single ‘Don’t Let Me Drown’, a first taste of the three piece’s upcoming album.

Bringing together a guitar heavy, Muse come The Bends-era Radiohead soundscape, the track’s cinematic rock soundscape is as epic as it is thoughtful and intricate. Topping the high-octane instrumentation, lead vocalist Ali’s vocals glide with a silky ease which pulls the track away from out and out heavy rock and into a more melodic realm.

As the track builds adding subtle electronics to the bass, drums and guitar of the bands line up, the track keeps gradually building before reaching a stunning climax with an intense, Alter Bridge-esque guitar solo.

Speaking about the single and upcoming album, Conflict Choir share: “This is a single from our full album ‘Strange Game’, which will be released single by single throughout the year. Each single wil have alternative versions that we will sometimes release online but will reserve special versions only available as physical copies for liveshows – something for hardcore fans to dig their teeth into. We’re looking to release a visual representation of our world with each single to immersive the audience even further.”

Turning the pandemic into something positive, the turbulent time and constraining experience gave the band numerous sources of material to write about. The upcoming album, ‘Strange Game’ carries a heavy mental health theme throughout, leaning on philosophical pondering, a dystopian outlook and abuse. Speaking further on the album, Conflict Choir’s frontman Ali Clinton adds: “This album is a mirror of the struggles of living in today’s times through sonic poetry and texture.”

Listen to the new single ‘Don’t Let Me Drown’ and get a taste for what expect on the upcoming album below:

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