MEON: Indie-Rock Release New Single ‘Bumps and Grazes’!

Starting as a creative project, London-based ensemble MEON has used their collective voice to speak up for misjudged millennials since their adolescent years. Having built a foundation of optimism and hope for their young fans, MEON is back with their spectacular slice of indie-rock speciality: I present their latest single ‘Bumps and Grazes’.

Just a few weeks from their debut gig at Folklore (psst: the gig is October 19th, thank me later), I thought we’d get a little taste of what treats the audience will experience from this insanely talented collective.

Jumping into this meticulously crafted single, every note is a staple of MEON’s dedication to their passion, having worked on ‘Bumps and Grazes’ for over a year!

I must say – that work, that persistence, has truly paid off.

We are immediately thrust into the ebbing tide of ember-spritzed guitar riffs; rippling waves of tranquil tonality and a lulling luminescence audible in every andante note. Playfully chased by crooning vocals, the harmonies created between said vocals and the guitar progression is mesmerising.

Effusing a richness so distinct, I had to go back and listen to every hint of rock-rooted rasp again and again! Intertwined with that gorgeous, down-to-earth twang of the instrumentation, you’ve got yourself a cinematic dreamscape of beautifully crafted catharsis. Bolstered by exceptionally emotive lyricism, this single is the epitome of why I love writing reviews – like an explorer hunting for treasure, I have found the gold mine of indie-rock with MEON.

Unlike what I hear usually in indie-rock tracks, the vivified drums are introduced with a controlled cadence that made me realise the professional quality of the production of this single. It tantalises the ears by slowly drip-feeding elements of classical rock that seamlessly blends with MEON’s style – it is simply addictive!

Sprinkled with dulcet whispers of piano, it is ineffable how well every instrumental ties together, ones I wouldn’t expect to hear in an indie-rock single.

Effortlessly, MEON transforms the softest of the melodic structures into a mellifluous renegade, pricked with rock ablaze. As the song progresses you’ll hear the full range of MEON at their best, electrifying the tone of ‘Bumps and Grazes’ with that garage-grit flare.

After a corkscrew dive into the deepest chasms of epic guitar solos, the listener is left with a whistling spectre, a diminuendo so haunting you can’t help but hit replay to. I should know, I’ve been listening to this track over and over again all morning – apologies to my neighbours, having to hear me poorly replicate that amazing vocal talent!

‘Bumps and Grazes’ is out now on all platforms; you know the drill!

I’m going to rest my voice now…till next time!


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