Sam Himself has charmed us all with ‘Golden Days’

Seeping in nostalgia, ‘Golden Days’ is the newest offering from Sam Himself. Swiss-born, Brooklyn-based musical sorcerer presents the second single in anticipation of his sophomore LP with insane uniqueness, charisma, nerve and talent. The meticulously selected attributes that make up Sam Himself’s stamp are once again iconic and hence endorse our great commitment to his artistry. The musical quality is of admirable consistency and weight. One thing is for certain: listening through his sophomore LP is going to blow us off our feet if he keeps on giving us that voice!

If ‘Golden Days’ had to be described in one word, it would be “rich”. The track captures this beautiful ideal of the past and tosses it around to pick out the comfort that rose during the golden days, when “we were open arms” and “couldn’t keep our feet off the air”. The refrain culminates in an anthem of encouragement, a way to keep the golden alive, to keep the fire going. With this beautiful resolution, Sam Himself leaves his listeners smiling – he has absolutely charmed us with his delightful skill and quirk.

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