Gather Around ‘All My Friends’: Drew Thomas Releases New Upbeat Banger!

The promising. The powerful. The poetic.

Born and raised in the lovely city of Nottingham: the excellent musician that is Drew Thomas introduced his DIY, garage-rock flare to his refreshing renovation of the indie-rock scene and ever since his first wades into solo artistry in 2018, he has been a melodic gem to the ears.

From having a blast as a vibrant virtuoso, front-manning in a multitude of bands since the young age of fourteen, Drew Thomas has spent the last five years refining a stylistic individualism that perfectly encapsulates raw catharsis. Combine this with an effusion of electrified experiences for the listener: jam-packed with powerhouse dynamics and lightning-struck melodies, I present to you: ‘All My Friends’.

Released on this very day, ‘All My Friends’ is a whirlwind of jollified harmonies that sounds as if every instrument were dipped in sunlight, it is impossible not to smile whilst listening to this track.

Take a journey through mellifluous andante tempos, vivified into star-embellished allegrettos throughout the chorus, that sounds as if joy itself had reached its crescendo! Bolstered by Drew Thomas’s enriched vocal talent; the audible happiness adorns a toasty-warm drum beat and grit-sprinkled guitar progressions that makes you want to dance around your flat as if you don’t have two left feet.

The more raw emotion the better in my humble opinion. Of course, Drew Thomas’s deliverance of the latest earworm to grace the indie scene, is no exception. This track is an unapologetically triumph-fuelled story of staying true to yourself whilst the friends around you are undergoing major life changes. This track is going to send ripples of confidence to those who aren’t entirely sure of themselves and that is so powerful, especially in a single that already makes you want to belt out every note at the top of your voice!

You can hear how Thomas’s experiences performing at festivals like Reading and Leeds and Y Not Festival, has helped to shape how professionally creative his engagement is with his listeners. Even just listening to this new track feels like I am bopping about in something outrageously neon down at Glastonbury! I couldn’t imagine how thrilling it would be to actually see Drew Thomas headlining a massive event.

‘All My Friends’ is available to listen to today, so get yourself on Spotify and SoundCloud and experience the musical magic for yourself!

Now excuse me while I find something outrageously neon…


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