The Horn unveil rock-pop single ‘Power Show’

Remember when, last month, we wrote “At this point it is hard to imagine how The Horn are going to top this track in the future, although of course they are going to because that’s just what they do”? Well, we’re here to collect credit for such a solid forecast. The Horn didn’t in fact waste any time and are now back with timeless anthem ‘Power Show’. Following up from the riveting topics developed in ‘Passion’ and ‘Always Late’, the outfit’s newest track maintains the streak of musical and lyrical goodness. 

Encapsulated in a scrumptious 60s live recording style, ‘Power Show’ criticises the rise of superiority complex-affected individuals and cults. Delivered in a happy-go-lucky manner, the track is a clever analysis of manipulation from cult-like ideologies. The lyrics describe an unavoidable power show, seeping through all areas of life, down to the solitary Instagram scroll. 

‘Power Show’ is a statement. It’s important, essential even. It is relevant and revealing. It is songs like these that we need more of. The Horn, bring on more rock-pop extravaganza because we’ll never get enough!

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