Easy Like Sunday Morning: May Payne Releases Indie Gem ‘Lazy Sunday’!

What makes your Sunday morning lazes the most tranquil part of your week? Is it the nutty efflorescence of your coffee, wrinkling your nose as the heat effuses over your cheeks? Or is it the peach-pillow softness of your bed in sunshine? For me, of course, it’s both. But there is one thing could wrap it up in a perfect little bow – an upcoming, indie-pop gem ‘Lazy Sunday’ from May Payne!

This Mancunian songwriter grew up with a love of Bob Dylan and Van Morrison which has helped bloom her own unique, stylistic blend of doe-like melodies and warm, snug harmonies.

Get stuck in and see for yourself!

With the help of a nostalgically smooth ensemble, we enter a dreamscape of retro guitar riffs, adorned in luminescent timbres and andante tempos. The introductory instrumentation is simply like deliquescent romance!

Embellishing said romantic tones, May Payne’s vocals ascends through the track like a roseate sun amongst the clouds. She delivers an effortlessly dulcet and petal-light purity to the track, reminiscent of the clear vocal range of Lily Allen, yet with a Berceuse, lulling flare that is addictive for any indie-pop listener.

What I find makes this indie track an upcoming staple of the genre, is how much fun is audible in the track. You can literally hear the laughter within the single; adding an extra layer of mirthful melody when May Payne sings acapella, innovating the dynamics of the track with electrifying joy.

The blend of backing vocals lends itself to the professional production quality overall, amplified by the buttery percussive glimmers of the drums. This quality is best heard after May Payne’s beautiful bridge segment, showcasing her amazing vocals with another use of instrumental tacet, returning with an explosive syncopation for the conclusive verses.

This track, at its heart, is an unabashedly optimistic story of wanting to be that someone’s special girl and not quite knowing where you stand. It draws inspiration from a place of past relationship experience that is emblematic of the indie-pop genre, that nearly every listener can relate to.

As the artist’s fourth single, I was astounded to listen to the refinement of her individuality from her debut single ‘Delusions’ in 2019. Including tones of alt-R&B, you can hear how May Payne has expanded on the luscious, smooth vocal arrangement that is characteristic of the genre. At the same time, she has mastered the ability to make it unique to the indie-pop genre, affirming her place as one to watch out for!

‘Lazy Sunday’ is due to release today, the 2nd of September and with that, I’m hitting the snooze button.

Till next time!


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