‘Never Let Me Go’ is the uplifting indie anthem from Switzerland’s Sam Himself

Brooklyn-based Swiss musician Sam Himself made his return recently with new single ‘Never Let Me Go’, which arrives after a bout of hiatus while trapped in Switzerland, struggling the cope with the pandemic and then in the midst of all of that, finding love. As per his style ,the European artist deals in the extravagant end of alternative pop (“fondue western” as he says). You’ll hear this in the vibrant and introspective anthem that celebrates new beginnings and new love. It features Sam’s hazy vocals and a top-line of late-00s synths, akin to MGMT, Passion Pit or Phoenix. ‘Never Let Me Go’ is vibrant, incessantly catchy and possessing a florescent, neon danceability. It seems as though that is also the force that throws Sam’s body around the vast landscape of rural Iceland in the music video, directed by Stefan Tschumi.

This is the kind of uplifting indie music that will see you through the weekend.

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