‘Up To Me’ is Asha Gold’s fairy dreamland

Asha Gold makes an exciting return, this time serving the magical extravaganza ‘Up To Me’ – which we are so here for! Joining forces with Bamily’s first-class producer Louis Fulford Smith she has created a fairy dreamland we cannot get enough of.

Around the playful spectacle of delicate synths, Asha’s vocals jump in a refined choreography of melody, showcasing dainty motifs that perfectly embody her artistic essence. Packed with uniqueness, ‘Up To Me’ is going to be a pop-essential for us this summer.

We have a true soft spot for the bridge, an ethereal arrangement of flute-like vocals and velvety textures – this part never fails to elevate us into a soothing state of joy. It is tracks like these we are so delighted to write about: fun, zesty and absorbing. To be fair, Asha Gold has a gift for songcrafting which never disappoints. Her repertoire is flawless and consistent, her aesthetic is crisp and rich – she’s the next big thing in our book!

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