The Horn offer “Always Late” with impeccable timing

“Always Late” is the new brainchild of The Horn’s Nick True and Jonny Taylor. Just like John Lennon and Paul McCartney, the two have a rare artistic affinity which produces the most magical of gifts – timeless and passionate music. 

It is endearing to hear each of their takes on the song. Nick states “We have such a great writing vibe – we sit down together and just bounce off each other, adding and deleting lines, words, chords and sections and at the end look back at what we did and have a drink to celebrate it”. The two bond over being late and make something monumental out of it. Diluting the desolate theme of fleeting time, True and Taylor mark the track with priceless hope and delight. 

On the other hand, Jonny recounts that “it’s a pure song from him (Nick). I think it proves simple songs are the most arresting. The production for me needed to be lazy synths and tender acoustic guitars that weren’t going anywhere in a hurry, like Nick. The track needed to sound ‘late’”. It is evident they share a vision in all its finest details; the product is more than just a song. It’s a soft lament to a human condition that cannot be escaped, but that can be embraced if experienced in good company. 

“Always Late” shows a genuine and introspective understanding of time, it delivers intriguing musical arrangements without overdoing it. The musicians serve the sound. The sound serves the meaning. ‘Always Late’ couldn’t have come at a better time for us – it is blue but encouraging, bittersweet, authentic and just so good. At this point it is hard to imagine how The Horn are going to top this track in the future, although of course they are going to because that’s just what they do.

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