Johnny Kulo rises again with signature old-school R&B sound in ‘Loyal’

We’re completing our hattrick of Johnny Kulo tracks with the artist’s newest release ‘Loyal’, which is lifted from the Berlin-based musician’s latest EP, Bloom. It’s not like he’s only released three tracks since the soul and R&B talent first appeared on our radar, in fact this is his second EP, but like everyone we have limited capacity so we save that space for the creme-de-la-creme. And so enters ‘Loyal’. It’s a relatively simple track, as Kulo himself admits, “initially I intended to just record the first idea so I can go away to write something ‘substantial’. But then I decided, fuck it, this is what I’m going thru right now and it’s expressed exactly in that way.” It’s that unfiltered directness that makes the single a worthwhile listen, well that and Kulo’s consistently sultry voice with its old-school R&B affectation and soulful timbre. As we found in previous tunes ‘Poseidon’ and ‘Wrong’, Johnny’s style makes the most of a groovey live band that’s mixed in with a nostalgic 90’s production. These elements are a super easy to listen to, but they also serve to set the atmosphere for Kulos’ themes of love, lust, heartbreak and regret that so often crops up in the songwriter’s outpouring of his inner world. Recorded in a Berlin studio with constant companion August Ingram, ‘Loyal’ wraps up our journey with Johnny Kulo on a memorable note… at least, until he’s back again.


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