“So Much Love” has given us Calista Kazuko fever!

Hot on the heels of her highly praised release of alt-pop anthem ‘Panda’, Calista Kazuko returns with her first ever love song “So Much Love”. All tendered up on pure oxytocin from her pregnancy, the London-based singer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist wrote this potent number to express rich adoration for her nearest and dearest. 

In true Kazuko fashion, “So Much Love” is a glorious arrangement of majestic sequences, one more unpredictable than the other. A treat to the ear, the live ensemble, composed of drummer Fred Claridge and bass player Sam Weston, is passionate and endearing as its sweetness and euphoria are palpable. The track proves Kazuko to be a force of musical nature, taking us to a magical dimension every time without fail. 

Joining forces with Migrant Help, Calista Kazuko celebrates family and motherhood through the creation of her Uchi project, which her two latest releases are a part of. Her work has been so powerful so far, Kazuko has basically given us baby fever! 

Despite its timeless sound palette, “So Much Love” holds much innovation, a sound ethereal and grounded at the same time, candid yet embellished, fulfilling but addictive. We are just overwhelmed with So Much Emotion.

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