The Horn share timeless debut single “Passion”

To conjure up the recklessness of his twenties, Friends of Gavin’s former bassist Nick True finally shares “Passion” with fresh new indie-rock outfit The Horn. While it would’ve been a blessing to hear this tune at an earlier stage, having cooked this song up for decades before releasing it may have been True’s greatest creative decision. In the years, “Passion” matured to acquire a timeless quality we all didn’t know we needed. 

The opening refrain is immediately captivating and extremely addictive as it marries with the smooth synth layer beneath. Jonny Taylor’s soothing vocals play around with the crunchy guitar – an unexpected quirk that fulfills our definitions of charisma and skill. The gloomy retro keys spilling into the last chorus would put anyone in an acute state of nostalgia – this song is a time machine in the best way possible! Packaged and wrapped up in an animated bass line the arrangement is spotless, crisp and flavourful. 

The Horn passed their debut with flying colours. Having offered a refined piece of music and flooded our ears with impressive tones, we are not even sure we’re ready to hear what else they have up their sleeve – it might be too much to handle!

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