Five For Friday – 1st July 2022

Soft Velvet Lounge – ‘Blood’

After cementing themselves with a bright and effervescent array of releases these last few years, US duo Soft Velvet Lounge have now delivered their brilliant debut album ‘Life Of The Party’, showcased by the new single ‘Blood’. Capturing the same warm and sweeping textures as Beach House and Soccer Mommy, this soaring new gem perfectly illustrates the inviting tones within their new full-length.


Infinite Eights – ‘Insecure’

Having already made a name for themselves thanks to a flurry of bright and inventive cuts over the years, Tampa-based outfit Infinite Eights are back to their usual ways on the joyous new bop ‘Insecure’. Jam-packed with fresh and glittering electro-pop energy, these guys look set to become one of the most talked about names of the moment.


The Fur – ‘The Light’

With more than one million streams in the bank already, despite only first emerging last year, Stockholm-based artist and producer The Fur is looking to continue his upward ascent on the soaring new release ‘The Light’. Collaborating with singer Ashley Alisha for the release, the pair knock out this bold and bouncing dance-pop belter.


Sun Deep – ‘Sifnos’

After breaking the mould with his ground-breaking charity album ‘Will Rap For Change’ in recent months, Oklahoma-based Indian artist Sun Deep is back to showcase his new five-track EP ‘Sifnos’, showcased by the title-track. Capturing a warm and inventive hip-hop-inspired groove throughout, his newest offering cements him as exciting new producer making his name right now.


Bruno Hibombo – ‘Blue Illustrations’

With a broad and dynamic array of releases under his belt already, Stockholm-based artist Bruno Hibombo has returned to deliver his stunning new album ‘Parting Words’, featuring the driven new single ‘Blue Illustrations’. Channelling a broad and sweeping blues-rock groove throughout, his newest gem is brimming with warm and sensual tendencies from start to finish.

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