Listen to the immaculate 90s vibes of “Shout Louder”, the second single from common goldfish

We are deep in the 90s nostalgia listening to common goldfish’s sophomore release “Shout Louder”. Following his hazy indie-rock debut number “Feel the Fuzz”, Tottenham’s producer and songwriter presents more immaculate vibes that we are dying to share! Picture this: you are in a crowd at a festival, sound floods in, arms shoot up to the sky, the crowd becomes a huge circuit of energy as the drums pour over it. You feel the organ tones under your feet, and as soon as the driving bass comes in, your body becomes one with the music.

The power in this cosmic track is contagious: the bouncing funky piano screams euphoria and the pulsating lyrics project in an anthem. The psychedelic guitar motif only elevates this effect further as the cherry on top of the cake. common goldfish wanted to embody “being outside with friends in the sun with the idea of energy flowing through a crowd. It’s completely intangible, but yet there’s nothing more real to everyone in that moment”. The wide and damp mix encompasses the bliss of shared connections with a group of people, and we can’t get enough of it!

With a solid portfolio so far, common goldfish’s future releases will be highly anticipated from our side. “Shout Louder” is an experience you don’t want to miss. It’s flavourful, zestful and intoxicating. This is how indie-rock is done. The track has become our new personality trait.


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