Ian Janco’s Rapture EP is an intimate ode to healing

It is not often that a record keeps you charmed throughout its entirety. Ian Janco’s candid six-track EP stands out as a mint body of folk-pop goodness. Witness to the singer-songwriter’s rise from physical and mental hardships, the ‘Rapture’ EP is an intimate ode to healing. 


‘Intro (Birdsong)’ soars as an enchanted entryway to the EP, the first brushstroke painting Janco’s dimension. With a magical quality, birds chirp into a cinematic sequence, producing lovely organic tones. Transitioning into the enticing americana-pop number ‘Something New’, listeners begin to taste the staple Janco sound. The arrangement shines with elegance with the grieving violin in the second verse and the emotional chord progression at the end of the chorus. Next up, dancing around the line between hope and melancholia, ‘Long Way Down’ shows acceptance through a hopeful vocal melody and warm instrumentation. 


In ‘Castaway’, Janco explores a new and fuller vocal register. He feels more present, and in his way, exposes himself upfront in the mix to embrace utmost vulnerability. Supported by cinematic instrumentation, this track is excruciatingly heartfelt. Ian stumbles upon ‘A Brighter Day’ in his healing process: a glimpse of light, a familiar embrace. Finally, lofi treat ‘Rapture’ captures the emblematic rawness of the record with its dreamy arrangement and dainty violin motifs. Closing with plucked string melodies, the listeners are wrapped in a sense of tranquillity. 


What else is there to say? This work is sprawled with class and meticulously crafted!


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