Oli Outside Swaps Rap For Electro-Pop on New Single ‘Now That You Moved On’

Chicago’s Oli Outside returns with his new single ‘Now That You Moved On’, a track which sees him move away from the ‘sad rap’ stylings of his previous releases and into the realm of alternative-electro-pop.

Capturing a breezy summer vibe with the light, synth-heavy production, Oli contrasts the uplifting backing with his reflective, melancholic lyricism. His tight, emo-rock-influenced vocal delivery gives Oli’s music a unique flavour when compared to his contemporaries, a sense of angst and emotional honesty.

Speaking about the track, Oli describes ‘Now That You’ve Moved On’: “It’s bittersweet. We’re sad and nostalgic about losing someone we loved, but ready to see the beauty in the unknown.”

The new single ‘Now That You Moved On’ is out now, listen below:


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