Alice Rowe returns with refined sounds in her exquisite new track “As It Seems”

Hailing from Hastings and following her EP release in 2020, singer songwriter Alice Rowe now returns with refined sounds in her exquisite brand new track “As It Seems”. Tapping at the crossroads of R&B, hip hop and jazz, Rowe presents herself as an authentic and introspective artist. With lyrics inspired by the ‘Alice in Wonderland – Curious & Curiouser’ art exhibition, the track tackles the theme of survival in modern society and evokes reflection on the hardships and complexities of adult life. 


“As It Seems” is a delicate yet intricate choreography of sound with dancing horn patterns, mellifluous guitar licks, and an absorbing lo-fi beat – name a more iconic trio! Lush vocals sit in the mix tastefully, topping off the blend of delicious tones. Inspired by the likes of Loyle Carner and Jorja Smith, this combination has us hooked and we simply haven’t been able to stop chanting “You know what I like, he got something different” since this first came out.  


Judging by this groovy rendition, we can only predict Alice’s upcoming wider project ‘Nothing is Ever As It Seems’ to be golden. We’re eager to follow her future work as she has set herself to be a vibrant light on the music scene. 

Alice Rowe On “As It Seems”:

“The concept of the ‘Alice in Wonderland – Curious & Curiouser’ art exhibition was about a girl who struggled to survive the confusing world of adults, she also struggled to come to terms with life and learnt that there are many layers/ mysteries. It is thought that Alice and several other characters secretly suffer from mental health issues which helped me to come up with the lyric ‘behind closed doors you can’t see, nothing is ever as it seems’, this is a metaphor for the many doors Alice opens in Wonderland and also for real life where you never know what’s truly going on. After attending the exhibition I felt that the concept fit with my current thoughts at the time and it felt right that I explore that. I then created the project. The art work is also inspired by one of the pieces of art in the gallery which I have in my home studio. This track is really exciting for me as I feel like this is where I found my sound.”

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