Pamela Sue Mann Shares Uplifting New Single ‘Pink Flamingos’

Vibrant, catchy but most importantly joyful and uplifting, Pamela Sue Mann’s new single ‘Pink Flamingos’ is a light in the dark of the last few years.

At a time when the world feels like it’s falling apart, when everything feels quite dark, to have a track fall into your lap like Mann’s new single is a breath of fresh air. Happy-go-lucky and an expresses a pure joyousness, both the bouncing instrumentation and in Pamela’s cool vocal delivery feel like an artist having fun making her art. The soundscape of bouncing bass, drums and percussion, shimmering synths captures an 80s sheen with an infectiously commercial edge and an overarching sense of quickness and charisma.

The unexpected addition of crooning vocals from Philip Hurd-Wood in the later stages of the track highlight the brilliant sense of eccentric goofiness which the track possesses.

Speaking about the single, Pamela Sue Mann adds: “It’s sublimating the horror reality of a pandemic into the divine delirious hopefulness of humanity, starting with a dance. Where better or more appropriate to dress up in a wacky flamingo-patterned suit than a supermarket? Brightening up the aisles of produce and canned goods – and our lives”

Pink Flamingos is out now, watch the aptly quick video below:


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