Helsinki Neo-Classical Artist AHO Shares Beautiful New Album ‘Odyssey’

From start to finish, the stunning new 10-track release, ‘Odyssey’ from Helsinki classical-come-atmospheric-electronic artist AHO is a work of art. Reminiscent of the likes of Ólafur Arnolds, AHO’s use of synths, electronics and classical elements to create emotional, impactful soundscapes is truly breathtaking.

From the blend of pulsing synths, layers of wind, brass and strings on the album’s opener ‘Orlando Maze Scene’, to the stunning, gradually building piano and synth heavy soundscape on ‘Rainfall’, the emotional understanding, experimental layering and flawless sound pallet is impeccable covering a lot of ground which could see the artists music played on Classic FM and Scala FM as much as it could BBC Radio 6.

Choosing emotional impact over accessibility, the album requires you to listen uninterrupted and allow the music to transport you away. This is not an easy, light listen but more an album full of complex ideas and unquestionable musicality – layers of interlocking melodie that set a tone, a state of melancholy yet and times hopeful beauty. Ranging from tracks which could be on the new Stranger Things soundtrack, to tracks which should close out a blockbuster movie, this album comes highly recommended.

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