Indie-Folk Singer-Songwriter KTL Blends Acoustics With Electronic Beats On ‘When I’m Awake’

Indie-Folk Singer-Songwriter KTL returns with his latest offering ‘When I’m Awake’.

Treading the line between folk, indie and electronic-pop, KTL’s gentle, breathy and emotive vocal style is underlined perfectly by the cohesive, Bon Iver-come-Sufjan Stevens style of the instrumentation. Blending finger picked acoustic guitar lines with understated electronic beats, layers of beautifully arranged vocals top-line the track as it builds towards its breathtaking climax. 

Talking about the meaning behind the track, KTL explains: “I wrote this song at a time in my life when my friends were all moving away, and the emotional turmoil I felt during that period, it felt as though I was losing something I had wanted and worked for a long time to achieve. At the same time, there’s a part of me that enjoys independence and solitude, and I felt that I was rediscovering that part of myself and learning to balance the two. The song ends with a plea to move on and find new sources of happiness in life, because in the end that’s all we can do.” 


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