Rich Chambers Shares Explosive New Cover Of The Beatles’ Classic ‘I Saw Her Standing There’

Some would say that covering The Beatles is brave, others would save its total madness – how can you possibly do a remake of such an iconic band and do it justice?

Well maybe the only way to get away with it is to completely reinvent the track and that’s exactly what Rich Chambers has done with his new cover of ‘I Saw Her Standing There’, putting a fire in the belly of the track with an intense soundscape of distorted guitars, unrelenting bass and splashing drums.

Following a breakout 2021 in which Rich Chambers released five singles, including a film festival award-winning video for his single “I’m So Tired,” this is Chambers’ first release of 2022 and follows his tagline of “rock’ n’ roll reimagined”.

Speaking about the new release, Rich Chambers shares, “With this song I am paying homage to a band that was a huge reason why I picked up the guitar in my early teens. It was one of the first songs I ever played in a band, and I absolutely loved it. I have always considered it to be one of the best straight-ahead classic early rock n’ roll songs ever written, and all these years later, I still love playing it as much now as I did then. It never gets old! I guess you could say this song keeps me young, and what’s not to like about that?”


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