Jazz FM Approved Rich Meehan Trio Share Debut Single ‘Prelude’

A first look at their upcoming EP ‘Sweet Antique’, Rich Meehan Trio demonstrate their ability as musicians and ear for sublime subtlety on their debut release ‘Prelude’.

Despite its chilled exterior ‘Prelude’ does not relinquish. From start to finish, the ever change chords and dizzyingly complex piano playing from the band’s leader (Rich Meehan) are hypnotic, entrancing – in contrast to the easy listening aura and despite the soft sound pallet, this is anything but easy listening. It’s a complex and in many ways intense piece music for those who want to listen on repeat and analyse every ounce of the stunning musicianship on display.

Joined by a tight, offbeat rhythm section, grounding bass and delicate, floating electronics, the overarching sound is a splendour with elements of jazz, electronic music and classical coming together to create a gentle, beautiful and multifaceted soundscape.

An inspiring advert for the upcoming EP, Rich Meehan Trio’s debut is nothing short of breathtaking and definitely gives a great insight into what is to come form this exciting new Jazz project.

Listen below:

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