Al Swainger’s Pointless Beauty Demonstrate Unique Chillout-come-Jazz Soundscapes On ‘Relentless’.

Al Swainger’s Pointless Beauty demonstrate their class and truly unique Progressive-Jazz soundscapes on the new single ‘Relentless’.

Effortlessly impactful, the new singles use of washy synths which create a pillowy backing under the groovy guitar and brass lines is nothing short of inspired. Demonstrating a feel for melancholic emotion and multidimensional musicality, a sense of absolute freedom, this is a true demonstrations of what Al and his band are capable of. Intricate jazz that has depth within it’s soundscape beyond that of the norm, you can imagine this played in Ronnie Scotts as much as you can also imagine it on a Ministry Of Sound Chillout compilation.

Speaking about the single, Swainger explains: Relentless is a reflection on how technology in particular has reshaped our lives. We’ve become expected to be permanently ‘on’ and to present a constantly happy and successful front. We have been trained to feel uncomfortable if people can’t contact us at all times through mobile phones and social media by willfully encouraging FOMO as a societal sales tactic. The hard part is that this behaviour genuinely is fun up to a point. The big downside is that our mental health can suffer as a result.

Trying to live up to the expectations of a relentlessly performative life will inevitably show the cracks sooner or later. I wanted to reflect on both sides of that experience with this piece of music. There’s even a hidden morse code message for the particularly keen of ear.” 

‘Relentless’ is out now, the upcoming album ‘Hearts Full Of Grace’ is released June 1st


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