Berried Alive Blend EDM-Pop and Alt-Rock On New Single ‘Pearanoid’

Blending elements of EDM-Pop and Trap with their Rock exploits, Berried Alive demonstrate a strikingly unique approach on their new single ‘Pearanoid’.

Using a mixture of cutting electronic beats, deep distorted bass, subtle synths and shredding guitar lines, the track possesses a dark yet vibrant backdrop for the intense vocal delivery. Working with acclaimed producer K.Chozen (known for his work with B.A.P., Big Sean, Kanye West, Ne-Yo, John Legend, Ty Dolla $ign, and J.Cole) the track’s earworm vocals and natural commercial appeal are contrasted excellently with the heavy guitar lines to offer a track that truly and effectively blends genres. Even packing in a monster guitar solo to close out the track, this is an impressive offering from the alt-rock duo.

Speaking on the track the pair said: “The song addresses paranoia, anxiety, and other mental health symptoms that many people suffer frequently. Even though deep down a person knows that he or she should be grateful for what they have, this knowledge can be clouded by poor mental health. We know a lot of fans feel this way, and want them to know they’re not alone because we believe it’s going to make a positive difference for our fans to know we feel the same way they do.”

Listen below:

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