Freya Beer’s delivers to bitter truth to all narcissists in new single “Love Child”

If you’re the kind of person who is drawn to the works of Charles Bukowski or Anne Sexton or enjoy listening to Nick Cave, Johnny Cash, and David Lynch, then get on this incoming bandwagon.

Freya Beer introduces her single “Love Child”, which she says is “an important release as it touches upon the subject of “gaslighting”. In comparison to my previous releases, this is not a love song.” I don’t know about you, but I’ve experienced gaslighting more times than I could even count. I’ve seen it cropping up in TV, films and of course music. Originally from West London, the musician takes inspiration from her recent toxic friendship and so the brooding, textural rock of “Love Child” couldn’t be a better fit for the swirling atmosphere of noxious interactions. Freya’s compelling voice makes its introduction with the cutting words, “so you call yourself Marilyn’s child, somewhere between the lines, you’ve got an Aquarius mindset, wear rose tinted glasses all the time.” I was instantaneously captured by the mysterious lyrics, which a layered with themes of pop culture and spiritualism, very much accentuated by the rich backdrop of fuzzed-out guitars and thundering drums.

The intensity of Freya’s performance and the instrumentation rises and dips in a hypnotic fashion, for example the powerful chorus versus the quieter sung-spoken verses that seems almost like a dramatic reading of a text conversations between these two ex-friends. The artist’s direction is clear, she’s here to shake up the world view of all narcissists with the bitter truth, naturally wrapped up in her gothy glamour.

“The lyrics speak from the experience of coming across individuals in life who undermine and try to claim your knowledge and creativity by opposing themselves as the victim in the situation they’ve caused. The subject of the song is something which I haven’t touched upon in my songwriting before but being able to share it on a wider platform and become a story which people can relate to is a way of telling my story.”

The music video for “Love Child” is directed by George Mills and produced by Say Goodnight Films.

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