Folk Duo Grafted Culture Share Haunting New Single ‘Change Of Winds’

Folk duo Grafted Culture share the beautifully haunting new single ‘Change Of Winds’. An ode to their love of Celtic-inspired folk, the pair once again showcase the poetic lyricism and tight overlapping vocals and harmonies they’ve become renowned for.

Opening with finger-picked guitar riffs, the pair’s vocals are given space to shine over subtly airy production. Atmospheric, dark, and strikingly musically in sync as performers, the pair clearly would be a great band to live.

Speaking about the track, Grafted Culture explain:

“Change of Winds is a reflection of the growth and change we have undergone both as musicians as well as individuals. Like most of our music, we were seeking to create a track that represents the many facets of a complex human experience, specifically, the process of navigating this dynamic, inconstant life while maintaining a sense of purpose and integrity.

The lyrics came first and provided a beautiful framework of pain contrasted with the healing balm of experience gained and strength of character shaped. We pushed this idea in our music video through the symbol of black and white paper cranes, filling the room completely unnoticed but soon they become the foreground of the experience until we cannot imagine the scene without their presence there. 

The message becomes increasingly clear as the song develops. People will fail us and situations will arise that threaten to uproot our sense of self. We are in a constant state of being altered and changed. Living is a demanding process that requires acceptance and forgiveness. But this process of adapting to our experiences and moving forward in the context of an altered life is essential to human existence. We can learn to navigate the ever-changing winds of our lives, allowing it to shape us if we can allow ourselves to enter humbly into the process of growth and change.”

The new single ‘Change Of Winds’ is out now.

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