Listen to Lia Smith’s stunning debut ‘Woman Of Mine’

UK-based female singer-songwriter Lia Smith has truly blessed us with her heavenly debut single, ‘Woman of Mine’.

‘Woman of Mine’ is utterly irresistible. It allures you with it’s silky, soulful sound and moving, heartfelt lyrics. The track effortlessly intertwines neo-soul with RnB, reminiscent of artists such as Olivia Dean and Joy Crookes. With such a gorgeous, dream-like sound, you’ll feel as though you are softly floating away on a cloud whilst you listen.

The track explores the narrator’s experience of being so consumed by the feelings of new love that she is oblivious to all of his glaringly obvious red flags. She attempts to confront him yet he just dismisses her, claiming she is wasting his time. ‘Woman of Mine’ perfectly encapsulates the often frustrating experience of dating and relationships in the 21st century. It truly feels like the perfect anthem for the women who are so done with toxic men.

‘Woman of Mine’ will be the perfect addition to your ‘Chill’ playlist. Lia Smith is certainly one to watch!

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