NEW MUSIC: Shattered by Hidden Pillars

This Australian three-piece, after their 2021 single “Do You Want It?”, take a different tact and release their moody ballad “Shattered”. This track crescendos to emotional vocals and driving drums, taking listeners on a passionate journey through the exploration of relationships and self-image.

The change in key builds on what is already an intensely moving song, the first words we hear being “my skin keeps weighing me down”. The song knows when to both retreat, leaving us room to breathe, and also to come back with full force, playing with tension and the absence of sound. The result is truly melancholic, the band explaining how they “wanted to mimic the gradually building intensity of a relationship” and it’s safe to say they are successful.

Listing Nothing But Thieves, Royal Blood and Wolf Alice as their primary influences, Hidden Pillars are forging their own path into the Aussie indie-rock scene and, hopefully, worldwide. We’re excited to see what they do next.





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