Chris Hart: Are You There?

The new single “Are You There?” from self-taught multi-instrumentalist and producer Chris Hart is an up-beat indie tune that starkly juxtaposes with the themes of abandonment, loneliness and existentialism that it explores.

This is the kind of song that could easily have you singing the chorus repeatedly, whether out of relatability or purely due to its ability to nest itself in your brain for a while. Being confronted with our own vulnerability can be hard-going, and Chris acknowledges how “it’s very easy to feel isolated and alone in an era where we are more connected than ever”.

The artwork for the song is reflective of this, drawing attention to social media and what that means for our interpersonal relationships. See this track as a reminder that the universal human condition is both a blessing and a curse. Or if you would rather dance, metaphorically drown your sorrows in the groove of this indie/alt-rock bop.






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