Beneath The Surface: Lorana

Since first emerging onto the music scene back in 2020 with ‘Am I?’, Lorana has continually developed her sound. Her latest single ‘All Time High’ serves as her first single of the year and serves as a delightful showcase of Lorana’s alt-pop sensibilities. We chat with Lorana about her inspirations, playing live and the inspiration behind her latest single.


What first got you into music/who inspired you to make music?

Growing up, my family travelled a lot by campervan. My mom and dad would handpick CDs for us to listen to during those long drives and, not really having anything else to do than watch the landscape slide by, I fell in love with trying to figure out the lyrics to the songs that were playing. On one of our holidays, my dad took me to a local record shop in Italy and let me choose the cd we would listen to next. I chose one by the Italian singer Laura Pausini. I don’t speak a word of Italian, but until this day, I can sing along to every single song on that cd. There’s something so beautiful about the intensity of those initial music experiences that keep me going to this day. 

You’ve just dropped your brand new single ‘All Time High’, what led you to pen the track?

My family. During the pandemic, I spent a lot of time back home in Belgium. Being there with my mom, dad and sister, the way we used to be when we were younger, made me realise how lucky I am to have a home like mine. 

‘All Time High’ is a song about the love and comfort I find within my family. Moving through the different stages of life from childhood to young adulthood, my parents and sister have always been an incredibly strong guiding force. Now that I’m finding my own way in life, my family home is still my safe haven, to which I return as often as I can to recharge and recenter. This song really is an ode to my family, like a permanent thank you note on the fridge.

‘Am I?’ was the first tune you released back in 2020 (it was 2020 actually). How do you think you’ve changed as an artist since then?

I think I’ve mainly changed as a person. The last two years have been mental for all of us, but as scary as it was, it’s also helped me see things in perspective. I’ve learnt to love the mundane and be more grateful for the people that surround me. It’s kind of what ‘All Time High’ is all about! 

Musically, I feel like ‘Am I?’ was the start of me discovering my own sound and ‘All Time High’ is definitely a continuation of that, but there’s a lot more depth now and that progress is something I’m actually really proud of. 

Who are the biggest influences on your sound and why?

There are two categories to talk about when it comes to my influences. On the one hand, there are my long-time inspirations, like Bon Iver, Lorde, Maggie Rogers and Finneas. On the other hand, there are a few artists that I’m currently fangirling over, like Griff and Holly Humberstone. What I love most is the combination of all of them and how they inspire me for different reasons. Bon Iver is the only band that ever had me appreciate sound over lyrics, Lorde convinced me it’s okay to be weird, Maggie showed me girls can produce, Finneas made me fall in love with production even more than I thought possible, Griff excites me to be an all-round creative and Holly is my current therapy. They’re all different, but they all played a big part in who I am as an artist today. 

How would you describe your new single ‘All Time High’ in three words

Nothing but love 

What’s your top tip to rejuvenate your creativity/get over writer’s block?

Most of the times when I get stuck, it’s because I’m overthinking what I’m doing and putting way too much pressure on myself. I remind myself on the daily that I create music because I love doing it, and I love making people feel understood through my songs. I kind of shift the focus from reaching goals and successes to feeling happy in the present. 

Finally, what are you most excited about for the future?

Playing live, without a doubt! I’m so in love with being on stage and connecting with complete strangers through music. I wanna make people feel the way I feel watching my favourite artists perform, cause I know how powerful that is and what a great effect it can have on someone’s mental wellbeing. I’m just very grateful the worst of the pandemic is (hopefully) behind us and we get to be together again!

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