Weekly Roundup: Plain Mister Smith, Lia Hide, Public Theatre

Plain Mister Smith – Airport Lounge From Hell

Returning with another slice of brilliantly put together, folk infused indie-pop, Plain Mister Smith once again showcases his unique, whimsical songwriting style and ear for a beautiful melody. Airy, melancholic and delicate the tracks layers of picked acoustic guitars, subtle synths and delicate strings over driving bass and drums float ethereally under guest vocalist Jordan Klassen’s effortlessly affecting, soft delivery.


Lia Hide – Dinner

Greek Avant-Pop artist Lia Hide never shies away from creating challenging, complex music, something which makes her totally unique and a really interesting prospect as an artist. The new single ‘Dinner’ is no exception and continues where her other material has left off.

Opening with a huge, sub have analog bas which dances between bellowing lows and stabbing highs, Lia quickly creates a signature intense and dark soundscape for her signiture haunting, virtuoso vocal delivery. As the track builds, introducing live drums and a full spectrum of instrumentation, the track bursts with colour, contrasting beautifully with the greyness of its opening passage. Incorporates elements of jazz into the otherwise heavily electronic sound-pallet this track is surely set to be a highlight from the upcoming album from Lia Hide.


Public theatre – The Hunt

Seattle Rockers Public Theatre capture an element of classic grunge on their new single ‘The Hunt’ whilst still retaining the pop-punk immediacy of Green Day. Built around driving bass, thick distorted guitars, punching drums and the grittier that gritty lead vocals, the single is an impressive display in how to capture an angsty mood in a catchy, exciting soundscape that packs more than a punch,


Innate Your – I Climb Mountains Ft. Mercy Vander

Coming from a background of playing in Rock band, Innate Your made a move to start making electronic music as a solo artist. Informed by his love of many genres the Brisbane based artist aims to capture emotion and depth in his instrumental arrangements and songwriting.

The new single ‘I Climb Mountains’ does exactly this. A hard hitting single inspired by the untimely loss of guest vocalist Mercy Vander’s mother to cancer, the track’s dreamy backing oozes with feeling under the auto tune heavy lead vocals as the track drifts towards its elegant drop.


Pete Rock – Listen Close

With a huge list of credits to his nam having produced some of Hip-Hops most iconic beats, Legendary producer Pete Rock has now moved on to releasing his own solo material across the ‘Petestrumentals’ EP series. Offering another look at the upcoming addition ‘Petestrumentals 4’, Pete Rock’s new single ‘Listen Close’ is yet another great example of his prowess as a producer and a beat maker. 


Mvnu – ‘fairytale’

Canadian artist and producer Mvnu has now returned to deliver his bright and effervescent new single ‘fairytale’. Blending elements of alternative-pop and hip-hop, Mvnu’s use of tight electronic beats, washy synths and his stylistic vocals create a totally original sound with elements of ambient electronic blending with pop exploits.

The opening passage of the vocal line (intentionally or not) borrows from Coldplay’s ‘The Scientist’ despite the edge otherworldly nature of the production. A bizarre let hugely impactful mix.


Lizzie – ‘Dark Clouds’

Taken from the new EP ‘Silver Lining’, 18 years old, singer-songwriter Lizzie shares her single ‘Dark Clouds’ a unifying and uplifting pop ballad that flaunts Lizzie’s melodic and impassioned vocals. Build around a driving, pulsing tom drum beat, the tracks simplistic instrumentals (piano, bass and washy synths) leaving adequate room for Lizzie’s vocals to shine.


Thea Lissi – Won’t Be Mine

Singer-Songwriter Thea Lissi shares her new single ‘Won’t Be Mine’ an honest, heartfelt acoustic ballad which showcases Thea’s raw vocal delivery and effortlessly impactful songwriting. Incorporating elements of country, Thea’s style and ability to tell stories through her music is something to be admired.

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