Breaking fresh hazy-rock ground is Common Goldfish’s debut single “Feel The Fuzz”

Debut singles are an interesting one, they can define a whole musician’s career or at least get it started off on the right foot. I reckon new kid on the scene Common Goldfish has made a great start with “Feel The Fuzz”, the carpe diem debut that’s an ode to being present, despite many of the sounds in this track being inspired from past 90s styles.

Here’s a few words from the artist himself: “The track embodies the sense of dreamer’s optimism (“the fuzz”) and the feeling that led me to change career paths and pursue my passion in music. We only lead one life, Feel the Fuzz is about helping people see that they should value their experiences over materials and not always seek the easy options in life.”

I was immediately drawn in by the deep bass groove which grounds the psychedelic rhythms and the artist’s dreamy-eyed voice. I really couldn’t help bopping my head around to that elastic bass. “Feel The Fuzz” is upbeat but not in your face, instead Common Goldfish opts for a fuzzed-out coolness that his indie-rock forebears would no doubt approve of. Another unsung hero is the noodling guitar riff which cracks through the layered haze like sun peaking through the clouds, upping the optimistic ante. It’s a really confident self introduction from this London newcomer.

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