Amanda Stewart Shines On New Single ‘Roots’

With an upcoming album on the way, genre blending country, pop and indie artist Amanda Stewart is back with her new single ‘Roots’, a driving, upbeat rock infused track which shows a lot of promise for the material set to appear on the album.

Working with producer Tim Bruns (Phillip Phillips, Boy Named Banjo, Grizfolk, Neffex, Devon Gilfillian and had music featured on American Idol, Nashville, NBA on ABC, and Manifest), ‘Roots’ possesses a high level sheen in its production which elevates Amandas First Aid Kit-esque sound. Built around a mixture of driving acoustic and electric guitar riffs, the track is full of energy and emotional intensity while Amanda showcases her powerhouse vocal.


Speaking about the single, Amanda Stewart shares:

“When sitting down to write “Roots”, Kyshona Armstrong and I both found we had something in common—a deep rooted connection to our families. We both love our families more than anything, and we also both realized how much we had in common with them—the good and the not so good. 

‘Roots’ is about realizing that the apple doesn’t always fall far from the tree. You can try to branch out, but the truth is, we will always be rooted in family. I am so proud of my family, and what they’ve overcome. I love them, and am happy to see my Roots grow.”


Listen below:

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