NEW MUSIC: ‘(i’m not good at writing) love songs’ by Lucky Iris

Masters of making zen pop music, Lucky Iris release new single titled (i’m not good at writing) love songs, very aptly released on Valentine’s Day.

The pair have a chilled-out vibe about their music and swerve between bedroom-pop / lofi in their electronic singles. If you’re a fan of the likes of Honne and Oh Wonder, you’ll be keen on Leeds’ Lucky Iris.

Speaking on the meaning behind their latest single – love songs “is about putting your heart on the line, once or twice or a few too many times and just never feeling like you’re getting any of that love in return… forcing you to question yourself… like am I the issue?”

The duo, who were recently featured on Spotify’s Fresh Finds playlist, promise more to come and that they’re not going away any time soon;

“Up next for us is more music, more live gigs and just more Lucky Iris!! We’ve been writing a lot and we’ve been working on our live set and now we just want everyone to hear! we’ve spent more than enough time stuck inside in the last few years, which was necessary but now we are ready to show just the extent really of what we’ve been up to!“

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