Germany via India soulster Johnny Kulo drops R&B loaded ‘Poseidon’

Last year, soulful musician, singer and songwriter Johnny Kulo appeared on my radar for the first time with his persuasive single ‘Wrong’. I got to know his characterful voice and cheeky lyrics, two tings which carry over into the musician’s newest track ‘Poseidon’, a song that strolls along the feelings of youthful confidence and naïve arrogance while taking a retrospective look at a relationship. Through the first 40 seconds or so, Kulo has that distinctive swagger heard in the layered electric guitar, which is where all of his songs start out, like he says, “Even if the original idea was a melody in my head or something I came up with on the keyboard, I first gotta lay it down on the guitar first.” After that, the track simmers down into pure R&B luxuriousness inspired by that 90s golden era. ‘Poseidon’ continues to flip between these two states, but it all sounds cohesive and smooth as hell thanks to the talented team that Johnny Kulo has put together.

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