Ogtopus Shares Psychedelic, Melancholic New Single ‘Gone Bro’


Note ahead of reading this review: I’ve been playing Octodad (google it) recently, this is both what attracted me to Ogtopus and also may impact on the quality of my writing in the following review…


From the outset of the new single ‘Gone Bro’, German musician and producer Ogtopus pulls you in with his musical tentacles, sticking a sucker onto each side of your head and leading you through a mystical journey of squelching modulated guitars, layered octave vocals, airy production and soft drum beats. Melancholic and psychedelic, the track is beautiful whilst not trying to hard to be pretty, balanced expertly and packed with musical depth. Comparable in part to The National who are known as ‘the sad dads’ among their fanbase, I guess Ogtopus could be the real life Octodad?


Speaking about the track, the half man, half octopus (I’m going by the artwork) said: “This song is about a faded friendship. We’ve all experienced that. You have a good friend, maybe the best, and then life gets busier or you drift in different directions (geographically or mentally)… One day you turn back and realize that friendship is gone and it will never be as before again.” 


To achieve the distinctive percussion on the track, Ogtopus joined forces with acclaimed percussionist Rhani Krija (known for his work with Sting among others). A track which is subtly experimental and atmospheric yet catchy and likeable, this is a great introduction to an artist who I’m sure I’ll be listening to more and more over the coming weeks.

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