Why all music artists need to use TikTok

Music artists all have the same goal when starting out, some just want for their music to be appreciated, some dream of whatever their idea of making the big time is – either way, social media has become a huge tool in the machine of being a music artist for multiple reasons, but what makes TikTok vitally important?


It’s no secret that TikTok has changed the game in music, with the right content, it gives the opportunity to gain hundreds of thousands of followers which become real fans that stream and buy your music. If your sound becomes viral on TikTok it could give you serious radio airplay.


TikTok is full of creativity and gives you a blank canvas to post whatever you wish to.


The way the app is, it’s easy to spend hours scrolling on any #music video and gaining inspiration from other artists, whether it be video ideas or ideas for your own music


Going ‘live’ on TikTok gives video creators the opportunity to make some real money, viewers can give tips so why not do some bedroom busking?

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