Frankie Furm & Griffin Stone Come Together For Sublime New EP ‘PATCHES’

Demonstrating their remarkable musical compatibility, innovative ideas and deep understanding of musical emotion and beauty, producer Frankie Furm & singer-songwriter Griffin Stone have come together for their stunning new 6 track EP ‘PATCHES’, a collection of tracks that it is truly hard to fault.

Opening with the atmospheric and melancholic title track, the pair instantly introduce the mix of guitar and electronics which can be found across the EP. Griffin’s falsetto vocals float hauntingly across the track before it effortlessly flows in the EP’s lead single ‘BABY BLUE’. A track which offers a full array of exciting musical attributes from the driving electronic beats, to the modulated guitar lines, to the funk laden bass and airy synths. Topped by Griffin’s ultra chilled, effortlessly charismatic vocals and smooth flow, the track brings together elements of Anderson .Paak, Jungle and Jai Paul in one glorious package.

Continuing the display of Frankie’s expert guitar and bass playing, ‘SQUEEZE’ is instantly ups the soulful, R&B influence on the pairs sound with a bouncy riff topped with Griffin’s attitude packed vocals. Elsewhere, ‘GASOLINE’ and ‘GREY’ see the pair lean on their more ambient, alt-pop side with a gently flowing plucky acoustic guitars and synth led track reminiscent of the likes of Bon Iver and Sufjan Stevens.

‘FAVORS’ brings the EP to a close by pulling the pairs sound together blending elements of the intense guitar lines as well as the alt-pop and R&B influence which are prevalent across the rest of the EP.

An EP which shows how well the pair harmonise, it’s a strikingly impressive and creative collection of tracks with a unique and complete sound. A duo which are almost definitely set for big things in the future, ‘PATCHES’ is an excellent collection of tracks which deserves to be listened to in full more than once.

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