Five artists set for a huge 2022

What a year it’s been! Ed Sheeran released some more pop songs, Adele released another ballad, the UK Top 40 has never been more dead, so without further ado here’s 5 artists you need to keep your eye on in 2022!

Olivia Dean

London artist Olivia Dean is already on the massive rise to stardom, learning her trade at BRIT School, the artist uses soul with heartfelt lyricism about heartache with her crystal clear vocals.


Genre-defying Pynch are found somewhere between the minimalistic elements of shoegaze & electro-pop. They make some catchy lo-fi that sounds beautiful in its simplicity with the majority of their tunes created inside a basement in Ramsgate.


Inspired mainly by 60s sounds, London band Silvertwin are a heartwarming throwback to the artists they are inspired by, despite maintaining their distinctive and original sound.

Novelty Island

Fronted by main man Tom McConnell, Novelty Island boast an impressive collection of music released in 2021 including debut album ‘How Are You Coping This Century?’ your answer to that question is a lot better after listening to the dulcet tones of ‘Cowboy On A Bicycle’. It’s no surprise that this joyful creative supported Silvertwin on their final 2021 tour.


South East London trio PREDRINKS released two solid debut singles in 2021 with ‘Watch The Spritz’ and ‘Happier Kids’, with their debut single briskly smashing the 50,000 plays target, no mean feat by any means for a brand new artist. You can’t help but get excited for what more is to come by this indie band.

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